September 25, 2005

yet another weekend...

Its sunday...yet another weekend in the life of pri :)
Pri hates sundays...know why...cos thrs monday waitin
The most miserable thing in life is whn u know tht thrs sumthin u don like awaitin u after sumthin u njoy...thts the thing bout weekends...the dreaded arrival of a hectic , busy, tiring week ahead clouds the fun mood of a beautiful "sunday"...:(
Somehow i can never "njoy the moment" cos i keep thinkin of wht lies ahead...
All my pals tell me tht its a very crappy attitude ive got towards life n tht i shud learn to njoy the ride instead of sittin n countin the potholes...but *sigh*, its no use..ive tried .butjuss cant get the "potholes" outta my mind..n tht spoils the essence of the ride as well...
Wonder wht god had in mind while makin
Why did he make me a "thinker"??...(whtever tht means, to me it means *a person who thinks too much*..esp whn thrs no need to...:p)
Another thing im famous for is "assuming"..My friends say tht i cant bear to stay happy for long
Well this isnt true!!i mean not exactly...wch person in the ritemind wudent want to stay happy??...(did i juss say sumthin bout right minds? ;p)But everytime thrs a reason to be happy, i start doubtin it...n start wonderin if ishud really be happy bout it..nthn my stupid lil brain starts assuming things, conjurin up imaginery assumtions on how thr cud actually be a nagitive associated wth it cud actually be "it dosent mean nethin n wht the f***k r u gettin so thrilled bout" situation..:(
Yaya i know thts eccentric..but thn again...
Thts pri...

BUT am tryin to changeforthebetter...dunno if il'l beable to ..cos another of my well beleived notions is tht "a person can hardly change"...:).But its worth a try i guess...

Another strugglin attempt to stay happy...
Thts the life of pri...:)



silk said...

heya pn aka pri,

this is kj here . everything and everyone changes with time, believe u me, pal - for better, for worse .

that said, having been away for a while, i can definitely say that u have changed too. u still retain that streak of adorable childishness, but theres a streak of maturity making its appearance too .

after 10yrs, ud be surprised at the person uve evolved into. so as they say, enjoy the ride, forget the bumps n potholes :D

kj aka silk

Ashish Gupta said...

reminds me of U2's 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'... are you at war with weekends? :P

// "..ive tried .butjuss cant get the "potholes" outta my mind.."

being happy is nothing more than convincing oneself of doing rights and avoiding wrongs - of course with our own definitions of right/wrong. Worrying might be their wrong but could as well be your right!

Some call it skepticism, some worrying, some micromanagement, some call it being on the safer side, some call it planning out your options, some call it looking before stepping....

and regarding ur so-called "crappy" take on life - 'everyone knows how others shud live their lives, no one has any idea of their own!' as said by coelho.

coming to terms with life - *sigh* - I wish it was easy!