August 02, 2006

"hello can i speak to dr pri please", said a voice on the othr side of the phone...
She was almost about to say wrong number and hang up when she realised that she was pri..."heyy results are are now officially dr pri" said the happy voice...
Pri almost dropped the receiver was a instant kodak moment...the kind the winner has after winning the miss india paegent...;p
yayyyyyyyyy...finally the years of turmoil had paid off...the tension , the stress had finally come to a culmination point...that one moment made her forget all the bitterness which was overruling her the past soo many days...and after a long time , she smiled from within...:)
it was one of those rare ocassions when you really smile from within...those kinda smiles wch reach ur eyes ...those rare ocassions whn u dont need to paste a plastic grin to face the world, you juss dont need to pretend ...cos you are really happy and nothin in the world can stop u from beaming...
She knew it wud happen someday, but the journey had seemed soo long n boring :D
there were times whn things got soo stressful tht she almost felt like givin up ...n then again life hadent been kind, it had come up wth its own stresses n tensions asif to say "lets see how much you can handle"...and the timing too had been wrong as always...
its true they say, sometimeslife derives its own sadistic pleasure by tryin to mess up things wch hav been already messed up...she had been goin through a lotta crap, notphysically but times she felt she was goin insane...n all the while she juss hoped tht her personal life wud not mess wth her life othrwise
But wth god's blessings and her strong belief in god, she felt like a winner...she had emerged above all those distractions she had survived it...she was happy :)
"DR PRI"was all she could hear :) the satisfaction of attaining adream made her beam wth joy ...she had never really realised the importance of an exam until now...
all this while they had been juss exams, things to clear up and move on ...and "results" were never really soo big an issue...
but this time it had been different...things had been happenin which made her confidence dwindle...the "why's" n "how's" of life were haunting her and her othrwise positive attitude had been wearing off...but then again such things in life make you realise the importance of things wch othrwise dont matter much...
She smiled to herself and hurridly hung up ...she had to tell her mom first
"ur daughter is a doctor now---ive survived it ma" she said brushing a tear frm her face as she hugged her mom...nobody could understand wht she was talkin bout except her ma ...she gav her a hug "i knew you wud" and smiled...
Scared she might burst into tears again, pri rushed to her room...leaving behind a perplexed sis who was wonderin wht the big fuss was all bout...
"hmph..she dint even wait for me to congratulate her ...what the devil is wrong with pri???from when did exams and results become such a big deal, i always thought she was confident bout everythin"..and her ma dint answer this time, she smiled ...

looking in the bedroom mirror, pri stared hard at her tear stained face n thought to herself...
"dr pri...yess thts wht u are...n thts wht you will be from today...a doctor...a good doctor...juss a good doctor...thts it "
somehow she didnt feel like smiling anymore ...


Keshi said...

Heyyy Dr.Pri CONGRATTTTTTTTTTTZ! WOWWWWY! How happy u and ur family must be!

btw doc I have a prob...I think Im losing my mind..can ya help me? :)


Anand said...

hey wow!!
Didnt know u were studying to be a doc!!
Congratulations and all the best for a grt and successful career ahead!

Pri said...

@ keshi

thanks keshi...well all i can say keshi is this doc is not too sane herself these!!! join the club;p
ok ok now a serious note, if thrs sumthin really botherin u , try ur best to avoid it...stop thinkin bout it..i know itseasier said than done...but thn remember the sayin "a watched kettle never boils", so lets let things tk their own course n lets juss hope tht it works for us *smiles*

@ anand
thanks anand, but im surprised u dint know tht !:)
sumthin like readin the ramayan n askin who sita is... ;p
but thn again , havent really blogged much bout it...juss mentioned it in my earlier posts i guess wch probably uve skipped readin :D
neways now tht im done wth studin, ull probably get to hear a lot more of wht goes bout in the medical profession :)
thanks for the good wishes once again

La vida Loca said...

Wait till you finish intership and see you State Medical Council (Certificate of Practice) Registation Certificate...thats a new 'high' in itself.
Good luck.

La vida Loca said...
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Ashish Gupta said...

muaaahhhhhhhh :-*

Oh boy! these moments when words become too superfluous and even smiling is done with eyes not lips...

may you never come down from cloud nine :D

Ashish Gupta said...

not mine. Its worth writing on our room's wall!
"Life is one long insane trip. Some people just have better directions!"

chandni said...

Hello Doctor!!!


I am happy for am gonna call u "Doc" from now on! :)


Keshi said...

tnxx so much Pri, ur spot on! Hugggggggz!


Ekta said...

congrats girl!!!
U must be totally proud of urself!!!!
and now we know whom to approach everytime we fall sick;-)
all the best for a rocking life ahead!
And pls spare ur patients of injections!

Apy said...


Dr Pri.... Sounds nice.......

You are right... Noone can understand wat a mom can.....

anirudh said...

hmm doctor sahiba....dunno but after readin dis post...i have kinda smiled for an hour now...wish u luck..every bitt of it..!

Pri said...

@ lavida loca
thanks pal! well ya thtll be another happy ocassion...will blog bout it as well:D
and welcome to "nostalgic moments" ...i guess its ur first time here isnt it ?

@ ashish
heyy thanks a lot *grin*
n yep...amazing line thr...really whr can i get the guide map pls? ;p

@ chandni
*blush*...thanku thanku :)

@ keshi
no probs keshi...i guess we all go thru it n im sooo very sure u knew it all urself...:)we all hav a personal "shrink" sumwhr within us dont we ??

Pri said...

@ ekta
heehee thanks ekta...well yes its a great feeling!! n yep u do make sure itsnothin more severe than a comman cold...cos u see, dont like my friends to be ill :D
as for my patients n injections, u did remind me of wht i used to tell mom whn i was a kid *grin* n cant help smiling to myself :)

@ apy
thankyou apy...velebrations?? planin on a virtual party ...n definitely u r invited ;p
n yaa i agree, moms understand best *smiles*

@ anirudh
err um...smiled for an hour??? *grin*
thanks for being happy for me thn...n thanks for the good wishes too
n heyy sorry bout the last few days , havet got bout visiting ur blog n hav alwaysbee kinda busy whn u msg...will surely try to make up for it soon enough :)
tk care buddy