August 06, 2006

What is "truth" exactly??is it what we hear or is it what we like to believe?
Sometimes we know we are being fooled , yet somewhere we wish it to be the truth...n thn the heart just refuses to listen to our mind...
sometimes we know what we are in for, yet we dare to take tht extra step, go that extra mile knowing tht we maybe crushed along the way...
Ever wondered how the situation changes when we hav to face it...its really amazing but it gets a whole new perspective when we are involved than when someone who wants our advice is...why so???Guess thts the fallacy of being "emotional homosapiens" who supposedly are supposed to be far luckier than the so called "inferior species" because er..they hav a mind of their own...
but then again, are we really lucky?? or does it just add up to the confusion of whts beneath the tough looking calvarium? :) hmmm ...sets me pondering!
Coming beck to the topic, wht exactly is meant by "truth" it wht we realise or are made to realise based on evidence/proof/factual circumstances or is it the inner voice, the so called "gut feeling" (which sometimes can go dangerously wrong)...
well , according to me the former is all bout thinking with ur mind (the practical way wch unemtional people are supposed to think) and the latter is about thinkin with ur heart(as do the hero's in any karan johar flick *snigger*)
But what bout us confused homosapiens who do not understand wht to listen to...who do we trust?? "the practical mind" or "the sensitive heart"...whoaa ...its quite a mess...guess i should give up on thinking...but thn again , easier said than done right? :)
A friend told me recently that i think too much and that i should learn to chill and enjoy life as it comes...chill?? exactly do u do that?? and does chilling promise us permanent peace of mind or rather should i say would it drive away all my thought processes...nahh!! i dont think so, its almost a "u can run but u cant hide" scenario...i guess ppl who think chilling out is a escape route should go get a reality check!! well , its true tht it does give u a temporary clear mind feelin...but thn how long??
Theres no thing like "avoidance", u cant avoid anything for long, it does come back to u :) why do we even try??
guess "giving up" is part of human nature too *sigh*

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