March 11, 2007

"Lazzy tag"

I came across this kinda interesting tag while bloghopping wch asks u to cite 15 things in your room right now ...
Not tht anybody would be interested in knowin the sorry state of my messy room , but right now hav nothin better to thought of takin up this tag out of free will,though nobody has tagged me
so here goes, 15 thingies in my room rite now in no particualar order as such (its tough to get things in order there neways :p]
1)---ME in a cream shirt and lazyy blue jeans at my laziest best :p trying to get my cell on charge without moving an inch frm the position i am in (hav mastered tht art now and am able to stretch myself no matter wht the distance beween the charger pinhole and the bed...heehee...hey now dont go about imaginin superhuman abilities here...the switch board is quite close to my bed :-/)
2)---jhumpa lahiri's "the namesake" lying half open...
3)---a pair of jeans slung carelessly on a nearby chair...
4)---a table cluttered with textbooks n novels which i still havent cleared inspite of my mom remindin me over a 100 times to my realisation tht i still cant go on with the excuse tht "im studin n thts how a students table is supposed to be "...sigh!...
5)---my side bed table with my fav "ganpati" idol placed in sucha way tht whn i wake up in the mornin , its there staring at me...
6)---another "lord ganesh" idol gifted by a friend on a nearby table wch has always managed to giv me a secure feeling n probably the courage to sleep alone in my room even after watchin the grossest of horror flicks *embarressed* heehee...
7)---a giant sized teddy bear my dad had gifted me as a bday gift a long long time bak during my "ohhhh i love those cuddly teddies n they r sooo chweeeet" years :-/ ...
8)---a cute blonde doll wch has got fond memories associated with it n wch il'l always treasure, not many really know why :) ...its a diff thing its all dust covered now n the shiny blonde hair isnt as shiny nemore :(...but it was something i had really given up hopes on and had u been thr whn my dad gifted it to me, u would hav gotten to see a cute 6 yr old hopping about like a kangaroo showing off her doll wherever she went.*blush* :d ...
9)---huge floral curtains adorning those superhuge windows to my room, selectin which i still dont know wht had come over me :-/ mom still hasent gotten bout changin thm cos she thnks its funny to remind me of wht a bad choice ive got ...hmph! (pls note -ONLY whn it comes to curtains, though my mom somehow always thinks othrwise)...
10)---a cute stuffed monkey juss above my dressing table wch is slung in suchaway tht i always seem to see it first whn i look in the mirror :-/ thanks to my di who put it thr to help comparing the two images in the glass and reminding me she says, keep the thin line of difference alive :-/
yeah i know, sick sense of humour! *rolls her eyes*
11)---a "worlds messiest room" award pinned up yet again by my great di dearest :-/ was a rude shock to me at first, kinda like "my room...MESSY!!!...huh? huh? huh? " but thn gradually realisation sunk in n now i take great pride in showin off tht poster.afterall not everyone can live in a mess :p .heehee
12)---some real ego booster pinups frm friends sayin "u r the best" and "miss u soo much" and yess thrs also a "thanks for being my angel" wch always manage to get me smiling even on ultragloomy days...
13)---a framed photograph wth me and my best friends wth stupid caps and tshirts reading "WE ARE THE BEST" when we stand in a row...i remember we were soo enthused bout the whole thing tht we had foolishly clicked several pics wch read it in diff combinations even including "WE THE BEST ARE" , before we had the right one :p
14)---my huge dishevelled bed with one side cluttered up as usual with only the side im sleepin on neat n, lots of pillows left, right and centre...
15)---AND last but not the least (worth mentioning here)is my laptop still gettin charged, who has been there for me through times good and bad n still hasent left my side inspite of facing innumerable insults by ppl around me ,inspite of my mom promising to kick it out of the house for gettin me addicted once upon a time,inspite of things being different now n me not using it much and despite those very illfrequent hi's and hello's from does keep giving me those "u r soo totally neglectin me" looks nowadays but plan to pamper it a lot more whn i resume blogging regularly...sigh! havent i said this before? :-/

so there, jobs done...though thrs soo much clutter which i wud hav loved to mention (sigh! its not easy to keep maintain ur room messy :-/)
anyways tht for another day :p
would love to hear the sorry state of ur rooms too though must admit i dont think il'l hav competition :D
anyways here goes---i TAG :

cheers to keepin the "messy spirit" alive so tht our future generations derive inspiration and keep preserving this "lazy gene" trait of ours for eons to come...


March 01, 2007

Found this tag really interesting ...thanks "sush" for taggin me :)

and since most ppl i know must hav already taken it up by now, i tag whoever's remaining :)

cheers n smiles :)