May 28, 2009

the notebook called life!!

Life is a notebook handed over to us the day we are born..
we are allowed to record our moments..
we are allowed to turn the pages as fast or as slow as we want to..
we are allowed to pour out our heart on the empty white sheets.
we are allowed to sketch our dreams in all their myriad colours.

sometimes, it also permits us to staple together those pages we do not ever want to read again...
but human as we are, we tend to go back at allows even that-we can carefully remove the staples to have a quick peep once in a while..this does include the risk of tearing the edges a little, but if we are careful enough, we can prevent the damage.
afterall thats how we introspect dont we---by removing the staples??!!

life is a notebook and what we write in it is for us to decide...
but one thing is pre-decided---we arnt allowed to write in pencil..because words in pencil fade away..scribbles in pencil can be rubbed off when wanted.
but life--it only allows us to write in dark ink.
we can never really wipe off what we have once written.nor can we expect it to fade..
yes, we can ignore it if we want but its right there..its almost always a 'you can run but u cant hide' scenario!
ripping off pages is also futile because eventually that will only end up loosening the binding which will cause all the pages to scatter.

life is a notebook and our job is to make notes along the way...
notes which will guide us in writing the subsequent pages..
words which will bring back memories as we flip the pages open...
some chapters we manage to close yet not complete..
some scribbles which are too incomprehensible for anyone to read..
some poetry which the eye is not able to understand yet the heart is able to recite..
some experiences which we wouldn't trade for even a thousand brand new books...
yes there would be moments of hurt, pain, let down expectations, unfulfilled dreams, pent up hatred, which definitely would bring a tear to the eye.
but as we turn the pages we would realise, how those experiences made us we emerged a winner against we welcomed happiness even after we thought we never could..and most importantly how we learnt to dream all over again.
and afterall what is life without a few challenges and what is success without a few failures? of what use is a notebook if we werent allowed to write in it?? the sheer magic of life is in its does not allow u to have any clue today, what tomorrows page would be like---tear stained, joy filled, stapled, enthusiastic or blank!!

life is a note book, one which is very private and which only the owner is supposed to read and write into..but as we fill in the pages with details of our mundane life, we sometimes come across that special someone who we can trust enough to hand over the book..someone who we know will treasure it more than we do...someone we can put our whole life at stake for..someone who teaches us the true meaning of love and trust..and that is the time we start writing through someone else's words..
we dream through someone else's dreams...
we see through someone else's eyes...
we live another life in addition to our own...
that is when we stop writing and that thing called 'love' takes over filling in all the details by itsself.

life is a notebook--one which will destroy itsself when it comes to the last page.
but the pages written by love will still remain, flying free knowing no bounds, speaking of the bond that is immortal thus bringing about a strange sorta satisfaction...
a satisfaction that we made it even through the end!!


Srivats said...


Suree said...

wonderful theory ...


Arv said...

I do agree :)

take care mate... cheers...

Nidzzi said...

beautiful thoughts and lovely post. i dnt knw how u came up with this. cant believe u wrote u wrote this i wud ask u whn r u publishing ur book??

Amal Bose said...

nice thoughts...

Pavi!!!! said...

LOVE the analogy ! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

esha said...

this is breathtakingly beautiful
i read it over 5 times and yet cant get over it.i even read it out to my mom on phone.


Mayz said...

this kinda reminds me of d movie butterfly effect...loved d thot process...indeed a vy innovative thot

Keshi said...

yep life is a notebook, thats why I write in my blog ;-)


Pri said...

@ srivats

@ suree

@ arv
im glad u do

@ nidzii
thanks girl...please dont send me flying to cloud 9 and if u do, then please make sure u keep me there forever..ok? heehee
ohh and just what do u mean by saying u dont believe i wrote it..sniff..u doubt my potential?? *deeply hurt* :(

@ amal bose
thanks :)

@ pavi!!
thanks u for the motivating words

Pri said...

@ gigi
thanks and welcome to 'nostalgic moments :)

@ esha
heyy im really flattered..u actually read it out to ur mom??? *blush blush*

@ mayz
danke! :)

@ keshi
a blog is but just a few pages from the 'real' book...a shortened summarised version..the entire book is not for everyone to share with and im sure there are some precious moments which have been selfishly kept away from everyone around..


Blog Boy said...

Life is a notebook and all people we interact are chapters of that notebook....

Nidzzi said...

dont be hurt . i m surprised. U might have topped ur english class.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

good philosophy... well written :-)

neerad said...

i loved the writeup and also great soulstirring music playing :)

Stupidosaur said...

Arggghhh! I wonder if we collect all sentences on blogsphere containing the word 'life' or its synonyms, how much huge % it would be :P

Anyways, I think life is just a comic book with a lots of jokes. Maybe they are already written. You just go through it and laugh. Especially since most of the times, joke is on you.

Pri said...

@ blogboy
i would say our interaction with ppl form the chapters...some chapters are boring, some interesting, some pull at your heart strings everytime u read them and some..some just leave u feeling numb!

@ nidzii
heyy i was jus kidding babes..i know u meant well :)

@ raaji
thanks...hows u been? long time!

@ neerad
thanks for appreciating..
and as for the music, jagjitji is the man!!
noone can beat his ghazals...sigh!

@ stupidosaur
///Arggghhh! I wonder if we collect all sentences on blogsphere containing the word 'life' or its synonyms, how much huge % it would be :P///
there! it just proves how much tension it has managed to create in all of us..

/// I think life is just a comic book with a lots of jokes. Maybe they are already written///
maybe sometimes we ourselves allow those jokes to be written along the way...

Dewdrop said...

I love the music on your blog... very lounge and very pleasant... liked ur post as well

Anonymous said...

I agree Ma'am...

Pri said...

@ dewdrop
thanks :)

@ kido
im glad u do :)

laddu said...

well written....but i never make notes..i feel its waste of time wen u can get it xeroxed 4m someone elses notes..:P:P:P:P

i know dat its not an ordinary notebook, its life, but making notes sounds very boring 2 me....

aditi said...

The best post I have EVER read!Really really beautiful