August 06, 2009

the "I" tag...

Adi, once again has tagged me with this here goes:

1. I am listening to...Farida khanums 'aaj jaane ki zid na karo'

2. I talk...quite a lot!

3. I love...walking on the thin line between fiction and reality and so i write!

4. My best friends....are those who i know are always there for me, no matter what i say or do!

5. Love is...strange!????!!!!

6. Somewhere, someone is thinking...that i still care as much as i once did when the truth is i really dont!

7. I'll always...have nostalgic moments

8. The last time I really cried was because...of something which really hurt my feelings

9. My cell low on battery most of the time

10. When I wake up in the morning...i usually feel i was better off sleeping

11. Before I go to bed...i think about the day that has passed and make a new decision for the one that is coming

12. Right now I am thinking about....stories which can have neither a beginning nor an end

13. Babies are...tiny happy people who poop all the time but are oblivious of what bigger mess lies ahead in life

14. I old chapter of comfortable memories

15. Today I...wonder how the 'book' will end!

16. Tomorrow I will be...remembered and missed for what i am today!

17. I really want to be...just a little teeny weeny bit more realistic, strong headed and practical when it comes to certain things!

18. I can...but i wont! *yawn*

19. I cant stand anyone who is...dual-faced to the extent of being manipulative just as much as i hate liars!

20. I tag...whoever wants to take up this tag! (i know tags are a pain to no compulsions)


Amal Bose said...

nice tag :)

5. i think so too..
12. cool.. id love to read such a story ;) :P
lol at the 13th one.. :)

Abhishek Khanna said...

good tag..but m too lazy to take it :D

Blog Boy said...

cool one... Nice!!!

Blog Boy said...
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Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

smart answers there Pri. had me smiling..

Arv said...

cute tag mate...

lol @ low on battery :)

Sparkling said...

Cool answers there! :)

I totally get point 10 :)

Ankur said...

**love is strange!!
how do u know Pri? :P :P

hehe... u r sweet... sounds from ur post! :)

and get over those Khalida aunties ghazals... they are all mine.. hehehe!! :D

Take Care,

lena said...

love is strange? i guess it is :)
and you want to be realistic? arent you realistic enough already? :)

I miss an old chapter of comfortable memories... even i do :)

nicely done :)

Pri said...

@ amal bose
///12. cool.. id love to read such a story ;) ///
hmmm reading about sucha story is one thing and thinking about it is another :)

@ abhi
thanks and I KNOW! :p

@ blogboy

@ rane
and keep smiling :)

@ arv
yea arv, its true much to the irritation of the ppl who call me (as i have to run to put my cell phn on charge almost every time someone calls)

Pri said...

@ sparkling
and yea many have told me that they feel quite the i guess im not alone in this big lazzy world :p

@ ankur
///**love is strange!!
how do u know Pri? :P :P///

how do u think i know?? ur guess is as good as!

///hehe... u r sweet... sounds from ur post! :)///
hmm..all i can is posts can be deceptive sometimes ;)

///and get over those Khalida aunties ghazals... they are all mine.. hehehe!! :D///
not too sure about they being yours (anymore if they ever had been) since "fareeda khanum" must be turning in her grave because u called her KHALIDA :p

@ lena
///and you want to be realistic? arent you realistic enough already? :)///
well most people think i am...but deep within me there is a fairytale which emerges from time to time and that causes a bit of a problem...because then, half of me is living the fairytale and half of it is denying it! :)

Rupa said...

cool answers...especially the 6th :)