March 17, 2010

one walk by the sea side...

disclaimer--the thought behind this piece of fiction just refused to leave my mind until i shaped it into particular reason why..atleast not one i am aware of :)

you ask me if you can join me for a walk by the sea side and i politely decline the offer..its a bit too late!
As i walk alone watching the waves lashing against the rocks, the foot prints my feet make on the moist sand transport me back in time when a walk was all that was needed to make life simpler.....
one walk hand in hand and a lot of problems would have been sorted out if not many misunderstandings could have been cleared if not avoided...but you never had the time!

somewhere amidst the humdrum of your busy life, 'we' missed out on that simple 'walk' of life.
there were other things which had higher priority.

social gatherings...worldly matters...impressions to make and issues..reputations to earn...the clinking of champagne glasses....hurried candle light dinners interrupted by important business calls...grand lunches to celebrate successful business ventures....

but what was missing was that walk on the beach..the couple of comfortable minutes of casual banter which could amount to a lot more than a lifetime of grand lunches, expensive gifts and celebrations.

you needn't have said anything..we could have let the breeze do the talking.
but what you failed to understand was how the sound of the waves could mean magic to it could be so much sweeter than the bow-tied man you asked to play the violin, while you were busy attending a business call.

you failed to understand how building castles in the sand could make me much happier than seeing you try so hard to build us our real own castle instead.

you failed to understand how much i missed comparing your footprints with mine on the moist sand and how much i wished you would be missing it too.

you did not realise how simply sharing a simple icecream on the roadside would mean a lot more than the candle light dinner in a plush restaurant with your phone buzzing all the time.

too many problems which never got solved..
too many misunderstandings which never got cleared..

today, you have the time..but i have walked a bit too far.

today, you ask me what it was that was missing between us...
and all i have to say is that one walk by the sea side had all the answers!!


Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

gosh.. one of the best reads offlate... too good man. just too good. i swear im out of words to explain.. just too good

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh. good one.

we wait too long and sometimes we dont see what we are supposed to see.

Abhi said...

loved d post..said the wrds i felt speakin..readin every line made me wonder hw can possibly two people think exactly similar...the beauty f ur posts r they speak d readers mind..n d beauty is u dunn hav to try doin it..i guess u js keep ur heart out..ain't it? M glad u back..smtimes wish f rytn back 2 aftr readin ur posts...cmin 2 ur blog aftr a real lng tym.

Anonymous said...

Pri , this was one of the best piece I have read..very very beautiful expressions of feelings ...I cant believe its fictional at all !!! Sounds so true !!! May be thats the magic of your writing !!

Deepak said...

i don't think that it is a fiction...
well... u want to name it as such then i accept with half hearted... well done... keep it up...

Nidz said...

lovely post.
at times we need to be left alone and other time we seek for the comfort zone... but i guess communication is important for the relation to go on

sanely insane said...

i did this project under a project manager...who was /is a jerk...and stuff didnt go well,he was a bad manager and coz of him my work sucked becoz of whole lot of bad planning...

and with bad work comes bad ratings

another project and a good proj mgr but he also had his limitations...

and third proj wid a real shady mgr (ok no my firm has good mgrs also)...but by this time i realized one thing...either i cud crib later that i got a bad rating becoz of a bad mgr...or i work around their short comings now and ensure their assinity doesnt affect my work...

jst saying...sometimes its better to take control of the present...than later crib abt how others ruined our past

Srivats said...

I am sorry for whatever thats bothering you, but as you pen down these wonderful lines, I am sure u are feeling better. This pain makes u write beautiful accords taht everyone can relate, evertyone can understand and everyone can empathise!

Pri said...

@ all
thanks for appreciating guys..but for those who havent read the disclaimer and are saddened by the thought that this might just be real, please dnt be..
somethings i write are plain fiction and thank heavens for that :)

Pri said...

@ chandana shekhar
thanks :)

@ raaji
yea..but sometimes again, its better late than never :)

@ abhi
its indeed been a long time..hope u are doing well.,

@ adreamygirl
thanks flattered..there is no magic in my writing though..its just that, somewhere inside a thought tugs at a hreartstrings and asks me to put it in words, thats all :)

@ deepak
can vouch for this post being fiction..but then again there is a little fiction in everybody's reality isnt it? :)

@ nidz
absolutely agree with u on that..communication is the most important factor for any relationship to survive.
we have to find the time for the people who matter no matter how busy we are...or else it just means that they dont matter enough :)

Pri said...

@ sanely insane
firstly, i dont know whether to feel sorry for you because u had to undergo such torture at yr workplace or give you credit that u did end up realising something very important at the end of it...
but would just say, that relationships are very very different from work projects ;)

in my opinion we end up giving the one we love much more chances than we could EVER give any stupid project manager..

and secondly i think, realisations need not always mean 'blaming someone for ruining yr past' (like would be the case on the job front)
when it comes to relationships, love for each other beyond a certain point can sometimes just mean accepting that things are different from what you want them to be...respecting the differences and moving on.

@ srivats
thanks for caring so much..but something tells me that u havent taken the disclaimer seriously ;)

but i think i wont say more because as u said, if so many people can relate to it, then probably this piece could/would/should be someone's reality...

obssesor said...

love the pic and the thoughts it coveyed!!