November 24, 2010

cryptic thoughts #24

sometimes life is all about taking that walk on the clouds even when the weather forecast predicts torrential rain...

November 21, 2010

men in my life...

I was asked to take up this tag by tinker bell which requires me to list out my crushes--be it from the past or the present.
and perhaps its about time i spilled the here goes, for all those who are aware and for those who are not---

Doogie Howser
---my sole crush during school days..i literally worshipped him..needless to say he majorly influenced me academically in those gullible years, that it makes me wonder sometimes what profession i would have landed in, had i to fall in love with Vito Corleone instead..

Rick Castle
--this, i believe was more of a 'crush at first sight' thingy...but i gotta admit i was quite a fan of the 'castle-beckett' chemistry..

John big--i think every girl who is a SATC fan definitely has had a crush on him..and im not different!
sigh! if only he was a little less confused!! but then again, nobodys's perfect :-|

SRK---well, i think im over him..cant deny the fact that i found him extremely cute during my college days..and then for a long time after, i kept defending him (for old times sake)..but i am no longer a sucker for the 'cute guy' image anymore.
sorry shahrukh, this woman has stepped out of her girly fairytale world...
neverthless, just for the records...

Chandler--- my crush from the good old "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" days---just another college crush

---err..i am not sure if i could call this just a crush...

Rick blaine---*swoons* I AM DEAD SURE THIS WAS IS LOVE!!!!!
i fell i love with him watching casablanca
sigh! sigh! sigh!

Dev Anand (from his films of yore ofcourse)
--this could be a little biased since im a real sucker for music and he always got the best songs...but i still think that no other actor from his era could have enacted them with greater finesse..
yea a typical 'chocolate hero' but show me a woman who doesn't like a little sensitiveness (not to be confused with mush though) in a man :-|

cole turner--*speechless* (he sure knows how to 'charm' a woman..only a guy that handsome can afford to have an attitude like his..sigh!)

err..okies..time for a abrupt halt..yours truly needs to disconnect from these dream boats for a bit--more important things, waiting for her you see..*sports a lazy garfield grin*
so i guess that's all for now people!!

ahem! afterall some secrets aka crushes are best left undisclosed...innit?? *blush blush blush*

so curb your curiosity amigos...maybe another time..maybe another day!! ;)

till then, here's to cupid--

November 19, 2010

omnia causa fiunt...

he is moving into another frame,
and this time she wont stop him!!

she's had enough of the cold harsh night,
its time she walked into the light,
silent wishes have been packed up tight,
so this time she wont stop him!!

she's had enough of that silent glare,
of being thrown away without a care
dreams undreamt for they did not dare,
so this time she wont stop him!!

she's had enough of wounds unhealed,
of charges against her never being sealed,
of old issues which keep getting revealed,
so this time she wont stop him!!

they are heading towards a different shore,
to spread their wings and fly some more,
one can never say whats there in store,
but this time she wont stop him!!

and now that all is said and done,
its reached a stage of all or none,
their fate have played this evil pun,
so this time she wont stop him!!

he is moving into another frame,
and she's tired of playing this stupid game,
with neither apology nor reason to blame,
things would never be the same,
so this time she wont stop him!!

November 16, 2010

the lost highway...

she remembered those old times and smiled to herself...she missed all that!!
the fun...the friends...the zeal of youth...the on the fast track...
and today all she had were those memories to cherish...

it was asif it all happened just to dissapear...on a lost highway in the journey of life...and no matter how much she tried to search now, it was only the magic which remained and it still managed to create ripples in her heart...

those memories of youth...those moments...some captured in photographs...some in the heart...they always managed to get a smile on her face no matter how tough the going was...

and even after almost two decades, they felt fresh...asif they just happened yesterday...
they never travelled down that path again...somehow after that trip, they all split was their last trip as a gang...their last trip together...
the time of their lives they would never forget....

promises of keeping in touch faded with years...everyone got busy with their own lives...she moved to london...job prospects seemed more appealing there...
a few ocassional phonecalls , emails and visits were all that happened....but the friendship still remained...
the gang had split but in moments of solitude each remembered the times spent together as a team...

those times spent together during those good ol days had now turned into a collage of memories down the lost highway in the journey of life...!
memories which would never fade...
memories which would just make the friendship stronger in their hearts...
memories which they would cherish for life wherever they were...

"hi guys...
missing you'll too coming back...this time for about we all catch up?...this time to never let go...
hoping to find our 'lost highway' again...just the way it once was....
lotsa love"

she clicked on the 'send' button and hoped the gang still accessed their emails as frequently as they used to...

November 14, 2010

to R...

you made me want to fall in love with myself when i had almost started hating me...
when friends and family started pointing out my flaws and i simply pretended to put on a brave face and fight back, you were the only one to realise that i was crumbling behind that tough exterior.

you stood by my side and made me understand, when it felt like nobody understood..all the time, making sure that you did not say anything which would hurt me further since you knew i already was at my vulnerable best..
there were times when i wanted you to stay away just like the rest of the world..i snapped at you because i was afraid---afraid that you would turn out to be like them, the ones who lost out on patience in the end and turned their back on me when i needed them the most..who kept digging at my flaws deepening the void i was already feeling inside...

but you understood..and stuck around..continued being the perfect friend--never wearing out on patience--building up my badly shaken confidence with your motivating and encouraging words..
these last two months have made me realise in bits and pieces, that sometimes we are so desperately trying to hold onto some dying relations, that we forget to notice the lasting unconditional friendships that have always been by our side..

and while joining the pieces of the puzzle today, i discover this deep sense of respect and pride for you and our decade long friendship, which is only growing with each coming day.

its true that i cannot give you my heart..but a piece of my soul now belongs to you and i promise i am never asking it back!! :)

thanks for teaching me to fly despite my broken wings...

and the magic mantra eeeeeeezzzz....

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cheers to a happy week ahead!! :)

November 11, 2010

two hearts...

one rainy day, in a land afar,
two weary hearts did pass...
different from each other, or so they seemed,
one of stone other of glass!

curious each others life to know,
they started a cordial debate...
an interpretation of their very own,
each mocking the others fate!

"like plastic flowers can never wilt,
for they have never bloomed...
you hearts of stone, can never love,
the relationship as good as doomed!"

"like glass houses cannot stand for long,
one blow and crumble they...
you hearts of glass, can shatter too,
a price you have to pay!!"

each, a different truth believed,
a valid point each made..
one wanted to fall in 'love'
the other was too afraid!

"we are happiest when not in love
free birds should fly alone...
its better never to love at all,
thats why we are made of stone!"

"rainbow dreams and happy endings?"
the glass heart started to glow...
"what it is to have loved in life,
that you would never know!"

"i couldn't care less about it all"
the stone heart declared...
"i would rather live and die for love"
quipped the heart which truly cared!

thus every time they would debate,
and time would seem to fly...
too engrossed, they failed to see,
'cupid' often pass them by!

but soon enough, took notice they,
and inevitable was the end...
coz hearts of stone can never love,
just as glass can never bend!

and another day in that far off land,
like the one when it had rained...
two hearts went their separate ways,
yet in each, a void remained!!

( writers note: i guess love is too complex an emotion--neither to be understood by hearts of stone nor by ones of glass, the former being too resistant to the fragility of the emotion and the latter being too vulnerable to its intensity...)

November 09, 2010

a happy beginning...

guess what, the confused friend who i had mentioned here, has decided to get married...she is convinced that she wants to spend the rest of her life with the guy who loves her..the 'small' pull she was facing seemed pretty big enough to make her take the plunge!!
and for all those who are wondering who amongst the two the lucky guy is, let me tell you that the ex is included in the guest list :)

personally, i being a fan of the "one-man woman" logic was a bit surprised to hear the news..but she did manage to convince me of her decision when she explained to me how this guy understands her perfectly and cares much much more than the ex ever could..
and then she said a very sensible thing which for some reason, had me thinking for a long time after..she said "shaadi ke baad toh pyaar thoda kam ho hi jata hai..if the guy (read the 'ex') takes me so much for granted before marriage, the you can imagine how he would treat me later if i become his wife"

some people make it sound so simple dont they? and it does make so much sense too...sigh!

i guess when the moment is right, falling in love (or in some cases, falling out of it) is destiny!!
anyhoo, i guess alls well that ends well---the confusion has finally been sorted.
and our anjaani has found her anjaana..and they have found their happily-ever-after...

kahani poori filmi hain..but love has its own way it seems :)

here's wishing the couple a whole lot of happiness in the times to come!!

November 06, 2010

cryptic thoughts #23

when you feel like time has stood still, it could also mean its time to get a new watch...

lets put aside the old and create new memories this time around!! :)

November 04, 2010

mere, tumhare, sabke liye...

here's hoping this diwali illuminates our world with everlasting joy and happiness and may we learn to cherish the old and welcome the new, this festive season.

Happy Diwali - Hom...

November 02, 2010

an endless kinda magic...

(dedicated to all those who have ever felt the magic of love)

he knows this endless kinda magic,
which works its way with me...
straight into my heart and mind
where none other else can be...

a magic that i wake to each morning,
that keeps me spellbound through the day...
lost in thoughts of what he'd be doing,
mesmerised by whatever he tends to say...

its an endless kinda magic,
that sends me dreaming through the night...
one that can get me smiling,
and make every trouble seem so light...

its come a long way this magic,
through insecurities and tiffs...
survived all the misunderstandings,
fought with a million 'buts' and 'ifs'...

its this endless kinda magic,
which has made my life sublime...
a magic which has toughened,
and grown stronger over time...

he knows that endless kinda magic,
which noone else can see...
but i believe in that magic,
just as he believes in me...

celebrate the magic of love..everything else is just an illusion!!